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live from the bay area's news station ithis is kron 4 news at 4:30 >> at 4:a 30 we of the kron 4 news crews all over the bay area covering stores important. seven of the top local stories in under four minutes. >> and the san bruno, the cleanup has started with one property concentrated at once. with the debris hauled away with toxic chemicals in the ash with several precautions. spraying down the area, and also monitoring the air quality. the cleanup is expected from 3-4 weeks. in the san bruno, christine connolly. >> continuing our coverage of the san bruno explosion the california public utilities commission voted to establish a panel of independent experts to investigate december 19th explosion. in investing the management, with an pg that played a role in a disaster and perhaps if the california public utilities commission could of done something to avoid it and pg&e will be paying for this investigation. the major cuts for bus from commuters for weekend and late night services. starting in the debt month of december, four of the sex night runs. and including a four of the-
the life of the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m.. we have kron 4 crews all over the bay area covering stories important to you. here are today's top six local stories in three minutes. >> and get support for this is straight day in a row investigators have been going through the trash here at the keller canyon landfill looking for signs of the missing 35 year-old hercules man investigators believe frederick's sales may be the fifth victim of murder suspect efren valdemoro they're going through 3,000 t of trash here at the landfill sent here from a business park and hercules. this is their biggest lead in the case and so far they found no major close. they could be out here until thursday. >> here at the oakland superior courthouse andrew the man accused of shooting the fremont police officer made his first part court room appearance. over 70 fremont police officers can of the courthouse to show the support officer todd young who police chief said is still recovering from his injuries. >> to be better written for month according to the doctors. >> as for andr
transit lines is going paperless and as kron 4 dave reports the agency will be using clipper card says the main method of ticketing. >> ac transit will stop doing paper tickets as of october 31st and after december 31st airborne to stop accepting them as fares altogether that's when you had to use the clipper card. the card honored by all of the bay area transit systems and parts, muni caltrans and a fair rate they can be purchased with a 31 day pass or cash value. if passengers will always able to use cash. ac transit said the clipper card will speed up the prices of boarding by eliminating coming up cash and points and sit on cost of paper by limiting tickets. leaking of the bay area's transit systems with the convenience of using one card. in oakland gave kron 4 news. >> as kron 4 broke the story a major flaw in muni's new high- tech clipper card transkei's commuters found a way to open the gates just by waving their hands in front of the consul there. the people are going through the tonight kron 47 roberts tells us how the transit authority is responding to the issue and the
kron4 news news at 5. >> the day and to the death of a suspected serial killer. they find one body in the suspect's car >> it appears like the body has been here for several days. >> the beach and of elderly man to death in her place and date may have also killed his son. >> developing these tonight at 5. five bodies, it wine man is saying and i cake of explosives. it is taking st. bay area cities. this man is at the center of all. nephron. he is suspected of four murders. heather? >> multiple murders take as it to three cities. vallejo, which meant and hercules. we begin in richmond. she was killed after being let on a high-speed chase. he crashed his car, landsat market and they say he had a large officers felt like their life was in danger so they shot and killed him. in the meantime we found his girlfriend strangled to death. the police say she was kidnapped from the salon where she worked tuesday night. but on nafta hercules where he was wanted in last week's death of ricardo, he killed his father, frederick is now missing. they also fund to decompose women of these two women.
on if this will be declared a federal disaster area is not known at this point. reporting live in san bruno kate thompson kron 4 news. >> there's a new sort of problems shaping up in san bruno city workers are finding themselves buried under the avalanche of donated clothing. that continues to show up at the evacuation center. jonathan blum has more on why they are now asking people to take those items elsewhere. >> your the evacuation center in san bruno the amount of donations continues to pour and even though they run out of space here days ago. now lining the path outside this building going all the way around to the back boxes and boxes of donated shoes, clothing, toys killed to the brim with items that people brbr by in their vehicles specifically to help victims of this deadly explosion and fire to try and get back on their feet as they try to rebuild their homes in search for other places to stay. see workers say they've never seen anything like it carried >> i don't have words to describe it it's quite impressive and emotional when you see these people coming from the east bay, south bay and all over
are no strings attached with this check. reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. >> today residents in and around the explosion site were filled in by city officials on the plan to clean up the area. city and county is hired a contractor residents can work through the county assisi residents clean their. the clinic will be paid for by the county or they can hire a private contractor the early cyclicals start is next wednesday that only applies to the 37 homes that been destroyed. there's services planned for 20 year-old jessica morales was killed in the explosion. right now there's of you been held which will be followed by a vigil at 7:00 p.m. tonight. the events are being held at a mortuary in daly city. funeral service will take place at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night and she will be buried at 1:00 p.m. monday afternoon in clock. our developing oil story on the fatal car accident in novato it happened at nevada boulevard and filmed in canyon road in san and not it's between bowman can in. it collided with a big rig carrying cattle. this is a live picture with the curve this happened he
live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 4:30 >> or big story the multiple murders of three. recommended these. yesterday morning, we talent and carole smart were discovered in vallejo. and team coverage on a multiple more christine connolly is live and hercules for the 73 year-old and let us begin with dan kerman and vallejo. court dan? >> that is right, the cul-de-sac of the two men's bodies were found. it is in that house. 2- women's bodies, that was where it was found on tuesday, and one was outside on tuesday. we tell you that the autopsy on both of these women, rita allen and carole smart and investigators are hoping to give them additional information. both of these were very badly decomposed on tuesday. police are looking at two different people and of course efren valdemoro is expected in other murders and of course charles rittenhouse live here and was married to one of the dead woman. and with complications of what is going on. >> it is not that it is bizarre as complicated. it is a puzzle that we're trying to put together. now, all the pieces are
live, this is kron4 news at 5:00. at less kron4 news at >> and sell in the east bay is the focus of a search for frederick collins. he is missing since saturday and possibly an addict them of half on albemarle. if >> we would really like to find him alive. >> vallejo and the other victim is charged with stockpiling. and yet another victim >> new information continues to comment about the man behind the multiple murder that spanned several cities. that man has been connected down to the murder of his girlfriend, said the trend has lost two of her girlfriends. at least one of her male has mates. authorities are still searching for frederick who is still missing. several areas have been combed and the search led investigators to a landfill in pittsburgh and that is where kron4 news and christine connally is stan's live. christine? >> search and rescue crews searched all day long searching for any news of frederick solace. they have less precise search went on and i know the exact acre to look for. they're looking in the landfills that are behind me and this search is over with for t
in crashed into a cattle truck. i want to show you a map where wherethe accident happened. kron 4's reggie was at the accident skite. he joins us live with the later information. >> reporter: it's been an emotional day for students and staff here at novato high school. many are still in shock about what happened. >> reporter: friends and class mates of the 5 students lit candles and consoled one another. all of them came to remember and pray for the 15-year-old student that was killed and the 16 and 17-year-olds still clinging to life. >> i was in shock. it's so surreal that it could happen that fast. horrible. we had our -- every 15 minutes, which is a program they put on the schools about drunk driving and how you shouldn't drink and drive. >> he was a good die gi. very well known. he was the office ta 3rd period. he liked sports. >> reporter: the teen driver of may have been speeding up to 80 marina 50 mile-an-hour zone. the driver spun out of control as he game into this curb and ended in the path of this big rig. investigators found alcohol containers inside the call all the teens wer
live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. here is the latest from authorities in san bruno. they're still searching for three missing people at least four people were killed in the blast. today authorities released the names she is 81 year-old elizabeth thorez. her home was near the center of the blast. 37 homes were destroyed and all, 19 homes were damaged and remained on occupied today. 321 homes have been cleared for families to return. tonight kate thompson is live in san bruno that's where we just heard an update from the federal investigators. kate. >> investigators say they're focusing on trying to figure out of this was a catastrophic failure with the pipeline or was there a small leak that went on for some time. why is this is important is because originally last week some people in the neighborhood had said the reported smelling gas and coal piccinni or call the police. investigators are trying to get contact with the people and they're asking them to e-mail them at san bruno@ntsb.gov trotted figured if the pipeline filled all at once or over time. investigators say the
of the appeal is overruled construction will begin sometime next year. in oakland kron 4 news. >> nice weather out there today continues into tomorrow but big changes this weekend. friday increasing cloud cover and temperatures will did just a little bit but into saturday and sunday the storm passing to the north looks like it will clip us for saturday evening in the north bay and sundays through the rest of the bay area. cool temperatures will prevail throughout the bay area as is pushes through. we'll talk more about that in a moment for icicicicicouou satellite pictures out there now. if fog near san francisco but along the coastline to the north and down to the south is the sunbreaks here. we'll see the fog push back and tonight it just will be as extensive as what we saw this morning. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow up and down the coastline and the fog into the bay shore as it will not move much from this point to the 9:00 a.m. our will to push back a little bit. it back to the coastline by and says sunbreaks once again possible along the coast tomorrow. temperatures will be a degree to warmer virtua
department. they told kron4 news that here he appeared to grab one of the butcher's nice. chp officer picked up from there. >> we perceive him into the market and he displayed a large weapon, a large knife and be ordered him to drop that. he did not. the officers feared for his safety and but he charge and was mortally wounded. >> the whole scene was copied on several indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras and they have all been turned over to police investigators at this point. at said the ranch market i am here for the kron4 news. >> this story focuses in two different cities. christine connally is in hercules where an older man was beaten to death. the death of two women was discovered this morning. fees >> forget to the to more women now want to talk about a news conference that just wrapped up a little bit ago in the police department did the police confirmed that another murder of the bodies was in the train at 46 year-old. how is she connected? she was the going he had kidnapped her. >> mr. ephron and mystery and have their business in this city of light appeared it was a salon where
with select services. at&t. rethink possible. live this kron4 news at eleven. if >> he defacing this lot first lawsuit. kron4 as doll land takes a look at the suit. >> this is a copy of the class action lawsuit against pg&e. the suit wants a third party to oversee it. and distribute the $100 million recovered on that pg has set up pg&e has pledged the money to rebuild sambar know. >> it sounds good on paper, we need transparency, we do not want you do need is a who gets the money. this is the >> this is the attorney representing the man suing pg&e and others who may join the lawsuit. the recovery fund might be set up as a recovery of republic public relations move. they want in on bias' body to distribute the money. it also has that pg&e a pay for additional damages to affected residents for mental anguish and loss of real estate value. right now they do not know what the press that will be. for >> it will be a lot more than zero hundred million dollars. and you need to start to consider the damages for punitive damages. we're talking 345 under million dollar damages. >> the man leading up act
like this kron4 news at 11. for the first time in 17 years that jose police department is without a smile in cracking her he and first in team. kron4 maureen kelly explains what this means. in the city. >> to this video shot during in action. this team helps support patrol officers in combating gang activities by responding to all incidents of violent crimes. they're credited with more than 1000 gang-related dress last year. as well as 800 rolled probation or insurgent spirit the center of save officers said the closing of this unit will have an impact on crime- fighting in this community. >> the georgian majority of homicides in san jose or related gang-related. we do not have their resources today as we did yesterday. >> after eight previous years to cut, there's no other plans to cut but your. >> shutting down the by crime enforcement team does not mean that they're given the green light tan game activity. most officers are still on the street. but have merged with the mature years. >> we will continue to do this type of work of about 100% of their time. we're not stopping and
>>> kron4 broke the story last week. a major flaw in muni's new clipper car gate system. and tonight, yet together glitch is discovered. we have details of the new developments, including a look at that new glitch that could cost muni more money. plus, we ask muni questions about possible fixes that could put an end to the free ride with just a wave of a hand. >>> people basic badly -- we have new details in tonight's top story. >> reporter: muni gave kron4 an exclusive look at this underground training facility for the new clipper system in san francisco. this is where the hand waving glitch was first discovered boy an employee during training. according to muni spokesperson paul rose, there's supposed to be a fix for the glitch by novembe . >> they all do it. they all do it. >> reporter: kron4 showed tens of thousands of muni riders how to ride muni with nothing more than a hand wave. now, a source inside muni pointed out a new glitch. it's another glitch that also allows muni riders to ride for free. >> what happens is sometimes the gates get confused, often because o
live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. california's set to enter its fourth month without a state budget. leaders planned to meet with arnold scored snigger know far sooner than thursday. that is the last day of the first courthouse of the fiscal year. no meetings today or today to try and resolve the state's $19 billion budget deficit. is it that's an indication of the political gridlock. state-funded child development programs may be on the chopping block when a consensus is finally reached on the overdue budget. today more than 1000 child-care service workers and families who need and support them all the rally in downtown oakland. they were demanding child care programs remain funded. if cut more than 500,000 children who receive child care services could be affected. some protesters told kron 4 board would be if they lost their jobs your provider. >> these moms of this oakland rallied to keep state funding for conveying go a child-care development program since losing the program could change their lives. >> if i lost my child care service i would be able to go to work so tha
the beating. kron 4's reggie begins our top story coverage at 11:00. >> reporter: we obtained this police report. it reveals detailed information about a fight that broke out between efren valdermoro, ricardo and hisson. his girlfriend called the police and met the officer outside. she said her ex-boyfriend and her two room meats were fighting in her room. the officers state when he walked into the room -- naked, frederick had a hold of his right arm and head. the officer asked the three men to stop fighting. investigators believe he was the victim. you can see in these photos, he suffered a black eye. he said they attacked him. he wrote he was a liar and back stabber. but he told the officer he attacked him and his son first. 6 days later he was found beaten to death. this neighbor can't believe it happened. >> never heard any fightings there. >> reporter: there is still no sign of his son. on wednesday investigators searched a business park hoping to find more clues. reggie, kron 4 news. >> late word tonight, the police department contacted various agencies asking for assistance with th
are still missing tonight. kron4's kate thompson joins us from san bruno. the command center. >> we are here, too. the latest from investigators. you can see the media lined up and ready. to hear from the national transportation safety board and that is heading up this investigation on the ground. in the san bruno. there has been three full days of investigations at this point. investigators said yesterday that they plan on being here for at least one more day. the big revelation they told us about, yesterday was that the investigators have not been able to confirm reports that people in the neighborhood smelled gas prior to the explosion and reported it. they said they checked with local authorities, and pg&e and car unable to confirm the smell of gas before the blast. >> also, investigators with help in that collecting evidence. they want people to contact attacked them at san bruno ntsb .com with cellphone video, surveillance video anything that anybody might notice that it was out of the ordinary. perhaps one thing that was a bit out of the ordinary was dead vegetation and there yard. th
live this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 with a developing story. at 4:00 our developing story on the san bruno gas line explosion. today for the first time were hearing from the crews who first responded to the explosion christine conley joins us live with more on their experience as they rushed to the scene last thursday. christine. >> more than 201st responders rush to the scene on thursday and emergency personnel have been here ever since. live you can see pg&e crews still trying to restore power, he sees several crews running on lines. as we as a man were going to show you the crater that was created by the explosion in the meantime emergency personnel continuing to go through the rubble and also surged and continue their investigation. the rest of the street, you can see this church that's been set up as a place for emergency personnel to get food and take a rest. for the rover in this parking lot you can see the trend center that's been set up for emergency personnel as well. for the first time were starting to hear from some of the first responders. we talked to the captain with t
on thursday. kron 4 maureen kelly has a firsthand look at more of the neighborhood. is very little left. right here is the brick walk way that used to lead to the front door. the hand rail that used to attach to a wall and now there's nothing left there. he take a look over here if i could show you what's left to the front of the house the exterior is laying just in a pile all of these bits of stucco and chicken wire not just land on the floor now that the wood frame has been burned away. over here is what's left of the inside of the house it's very littleefef sick furniture i think these tons of metal are what's left of the heating system. over here looks like we used to be the stove in the kitchen. you can see all that's lly is bits of charred wood and twisted metal. >> federal investigators are looking into those reports from those residents who say they snowcats a few weeks prior to last thursday's explosion. christine conley is looking into that issue as well she joins us live from san bruno. >> that is what the in the investigation were a few blocks away from the fires of one we zoom in
rain is about to return to the bay area kron4 show is aware that raindrops' may soon be following. also a major flaw that could cost the meaning millions of dollars. only kron4 tonight. surprising discovery that could could have very evaders on the rise. a gas line explosion one week later, a vigil for mother and daughter killed in the blast. plus what some residents found in the rubble today, when their homes once stood. july >> with from sambar christine, >> we just passed in this book's this time stood still here, a disease parcels in the middle of the street on all those left as the home of the chimney still standing the debris still sits there. tomorrow residents will meet with officials, as they discuss with them the possible removal of some of this debris. this as health officials worry about a dozen were to be it. >> as i begin to fall, some people came by to drop off flowers when their neighbors to know one week later they're still in the purse. if >> i live down the street not far from here. i have friends who lost everything, i feel guilty when i'm at home get into bed
♪ live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. >> our big story at 4:00 investigators continue to search for the cause of the san bruno explosion that killed seven people and destroyed 37 homes. one possible cause is microbiological corrosion that could cause the pipe to fail. kate thompson is live in san bruno and kate, this type of groschen was determined to be the reason for the pipe explosion in new mexico about 10 years ago. >> yes it was investigators are trying to determine if the micro was the reason and the cause for the blast in san bruno and as he said federal investigators did determine that this microbe was the cost for >> the >> take a look side by side of the striking similarities the crater on the left was caused by the gas line explosion in san bruno, the greater on the right was left by the gas when explosion in mexico in 2000. federal investigators ruled the cause of the arizona of pipeline was internal corrosion. it then because a significant reduction in the pipes thickness. the corrosion was a combination of microbes and moisture.
jose affair reaches 96 degrees will breaker record set way back in 1966. in san jose kron 4 news. >> new details on the san bruno gas line explosion the death toll has climbed 50 year-old james marx is now the eighth person to die from the explosion. the victim lived down the block from the source of the blast. the mall today the mayor san bruno and lawmakers on capitol hill testifying about the deadly blast in what changes need to be made to improve safety. it kron 4 kate thompson is here with the lives on the investigation in today's testimony. kate. >> investigate jurors to looking at a clip of the earlier as a possible cause for the explosion there's a power failure here at the milpitas station just a few hours before the blast in san bruno. investigators looking at that because milpitas is the beginning of where the pipeline runs and experts say that a power failure may have affected piccinni ability to regulate pressure the pipeline. there in the hot seat today trying to answer questions about the response time to the explosion. >> numerous state and federal utility regulat
clothing and you can training i] in sant jose for kron4, >>a live look outside we are seeing high temperatures, they are cooler then yesterday, it is 70s in santa rosa, it is still breezy out there, 22 in fairfield and overall a breezy day, widespread fog, once it fairfield and overall a breezy day, widespread fog, once it clears,ñ2?swá÷oé7élc c,gv)+pvzev the changes have be business is brisk at a top-rated restaurant. famous for greek and mediterranean food. competition is staff 10,000 people voted at the top five list of the most popular bay area restaurants but the number one top restaurant in san francisco it is scary-ago period it six years running. >> keeps you on your toes we make sure everyone that leads here is happy and basically willing to come back that's our secret of success. >> there's one downside to being number one for those of us who would love to get in and would love to find abettors of asian. you can always try dropping in and dining at the bar. in san francisco vicki kron 4 news. >> for the first time the san francisco survey also included food trucks
. kron 4 talk to students at novato high school about the accident. >> i notice but it's horrible it's not a good thing for certain matter who is at 010 pin died it's terrible. >> by high-school students were traveling on google street debut this is the curve for the bmw crashed into the big rig. that's take this fall you can see that curve and when we went over this around a little bit and go back over here you could see this as nevada boulevard where this happened police are saying speed was a factor as much as 80 mi. per hour and you can see this long stretch of roadway were that bmw would of been able to get some speed going then try to make this kerf and crashed. investigators still trying to determine know why the san bruno pipeline exploded last week the snagging of this gigantic fireball this morning crews were clearing some of the rights of the red tag homes. kate thompson is live in several tonight. kate. >> with learned a lot about what: going forward with the clean up. you can see here these barriers which drove in the neighborhood everything behind barriers has been red
at 6:00. right now the chicken with kron 4 christine conley was in the fires on area. >> were rate above plymouth and clement st.. are going to pan over here so you can get a good idea of what looks like in this neighborhood. you can see just cars sitting there on the street, no one walking around on the street to. this is a few blocks away from the fire zone but still this neighborhood has been evacuated and once allowed been carried i do see a police officer walking down the street. acacia they brought a couple residence in for a short second to get medication for going to pan and ensure you from our vantage 0.1 of the homes that was destroyed in this place. i can barely make out the foundation and that will trade it's tapered rounded and all day long as the fire truck stations nearby. we don't see any smoke no smell of smoke from this area were still several blocks away. he definitely can see the damage here. we have seen a lot of pg&e crews going up and down this area trotted check the power lines in this area and maybe make sure it's safe at some point for residents to come ba
. this is the latest, reporting live i'm diane ackerman for kron4 news. our >> team coverage continues now. maureen kelly is talking to people in vallejo to open up about the suspect. >> i do not think he's normal. he stares at you crazy. i did not know he was this dangerous. >> neighborhoods say the police were usually called out where they live with the victim and her has spent charles were in has. they are usually led away in handcuffs it was usual because the frequent yelling matches that he would have with the it elderly woman. >> the lady i would always hear her yelling. i would come out and i would be up there and ephron would say do not worry the hershey is crazy. i >> month ago the neighbors say that she was a logger allowed to go inside of this property but he was spotted a few times scoping out the street. >> he would drive around but i did not beat think anything of it. at the he would kill anyone. it is shocking but also i guess i would think he was capable of it. >> morning tally for kron4 news. >> witnesses reported and escalade leaving the house of a 73 world man dead in her place.
live this is kron4 news @ @ 4:30 p.m.. his is kron4 news @ @ 4:30 >> at fourth their deals information continues to cool and about the man the in front of the multiple murders. he has been connected to the murder of his girlfriend said the trend, two of his female friends the end of one of her bail tenants. meanwhile multiple law- enforcement joined together today to fill of the pittsburgh landfill. they're looking for signs of ricardo. he is the son. we heard from the hercules police department where they search for part of a landed did not find any evidence. they say they will return to the location tomorrow morning to continue searching through the tons of garbage there. victims have been discovered in several cities. when show you how they're all connected to this aspect. >> f on had been dating since each ran off and on for years. he lived in the house where frederic and ricardo lived. ricardo's body was found it began in the house. now at least two lemon. read it and carol. their bodies were found that read this house. one of the theory is is that one of the woman was
live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> were big story at 4:00 p.m. for the fourth day in a row investigators are searching and east bay landfall for any man fany sign of this searching man. frederick sales he is been missing for several days. the body of this father was found in hercules ricardo sales over one week ago. and he had been allegedly killed by efren valdemoro who is responsible for its least four killings. he was killed by c h p with a high- speed chase to tonight, and christine connolly is live in pittsburgh. >> they are searching a massive land fell beyond these hills, over 3,000 t of trash. meticulous, tedious, let me show you what they're doing. they are showing the and searching at the keller canyon on bailey rode. there are about 20 volunteers, to sift through 1 a. of trash. hercules police are hopeful they will find something, take a listen. >> they're hopeful, and determined to taand to get to te last piece of debris. they will stay with it until we're done. >> it is very meticulous, the piece of debris is picked up by the exca
're kron 4 employee or if you have to be a frequent customer the be no more free more parking anywhere on the side streets. this is something the city is doing to make up some of the lost revenue they've had from state transportation it will certainly take a lot of the replace and money of the pockets of drivers. >> most of the new leaders will look like this, you already see a few of them and his family to take credit cards, debit cards and old-fashioned points. more than 13 of these home this will be popping up on city streets between now and next spring. the cost between $2.3050 in our and an estimated $2 million a year for the city. it would be more but the option to pay with plastic is so convenient it's expected to reduce revenue from parking tickets. about half the leaders will have variable pricing and the parking spaces for the popular its price will go up 50¢ the following week. if it's empty the price will go down. what may and three drivers if you can see the price from st.. north of find it would cost to have the perverse and walk around to the of a centimeter. the leader
put it to the test. find your new pantene. live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> we begin with a developing story. the san bruno gaslamp explosion one week after the fatal explosion. -gas wind explosion. and a rebuilding process begins that residents are being aware of post- disaster scams. >> [♪], an evacuation of a gas odor that an elementary. and christine connolly joins us. >> christine? >> yes, air quality is a big when the and the breeze is picking up in it was windy, rubble, there's ash and a lot of hazardous material. you can see those workers in the middle of this rubble and the san mateo the mother is forecast for rain, and typically, one-tenth of an inch. and--there is forecast for rain. and that will help, and we're in the process of putting up protection of the storm drains. if there is any runoff? no consequences. and our concern is the wind and blowing the dust. with the fire crews going through once, twice, depending on the wind forecast and spring water onto the site. >> that is why when you see- spring water. >> when they a
this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 bad news for the city of oakland as it burns that clorox is relocating more than 500 employees to a new facility in a different city. as anchorman shows us this is good news for the city pleasanton. >> this old washington mutual complex work clark's plans to house its new research and development operations and in the process relocate more than 500 employees from oakland. >> about 500 jobs see the need more overtime is really good for pleasanton. it's bad for oakland is good for pleasanton which is in a handful of bay area businesses relocate over the past three months. >> seeing medium-size companies in the neighborhood of 200 employees to about 500 employees, companies relocating from other parts of the bay area. san francisco in silicon valley with the upgrade infrastructure here meaning or adjacent highway is the 68580 primarily we have one bart station nearby another one coming on line in the early 2011 a family of class a office space. the credit union is moving to this road location to pleasanton official say initially it
cool. kron 4's reggie shows us where they go to beat the heat. >> dog bone midoes dog park to socialize and beat the heat. there is a creak behind the park. she had taken a dip in the water. there is also a tub and two boughter bowles inside the park where she likes to cool off. >> they can only sweat out their paws so like getting the -- water cools them down. >> reporter: do you go in the water? >> i don't but she forces me to get wet. >> what do you do to beat the heat? >> air conditioning in the car, in the office is good. try to get out to the coast because it's cooler. there is always a breeze here. you can count on it. that's why we are here. it's wonderful here. >> what did you do to beat the heat? >> drove around in the car. >> air conditioning. >> yeah. >> reporter: another hot day on tuesday, they will be back here again to try to keep cool. reggie, kron 4 news. >>> we have the latest weather details on www.kron.com, click on the weather link. >>> new details about the planned execution, it has been delayed by governor schwarzenegger. this is the man facing death, albert gree
can watch the conferences and our analysis in their entireties on www.kron.com. >>> meanwhile, there are new pole numbers on the governor's race as well as the race for u.s. senate in california. according to the stute of california, the race is tied. meg whitman with 38% support, jerry brown close with 37%. about 18% of voters reported their undecided on the governor's race. in the race for u.s. senate in california, barbara boxer is ehead with 42% while carly fiorina has 35%. 20% are undecided in the senate race. >> we eased up on the heat a little today but we still set a record in live more. cooler tomorrow, we will have a good drop in temperatures tomorrow. the breeze will pick up into friday evening, the morning fog will play a bigger picture for the rest of the week and into the weekend. >>> it's been one week since cruise started clearing the debris from san bruno. they are stripping the properties to the dirt to leave residents a site that is ready for rebuilding. 57 bulldozer clearing out what is left of this home. they are letting down the debris to make sure no dus
live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 for the fifth day in a row investigators are combing through an east bay landfill refusing to give up their search for missing hercules man. frederick's sales has been missing over a week ago. please believe ricardo was bludgeoned to death by aefren valdemoro. kron 4 christine conley is live in pittsburgh how they found in the close yet? no for five days a been searching and the only thing they found was a piece of paper with hercules address on it showing they are indeed looking in the right spot. they're searching this massive landfill in the hills behind me are going for 1 a. worth of trash. five days volunteers with hard hats and release thick gloves have been carefully going through a 3,000 t of trash. hercules police said they will goes to give up until the dough for each piece of trash. >> mr. salas still has siblings that still need to know his whereabouts. once we're done here if nothing evolves from the search we will continue to work with the family and talked to friends
start in about half an hour as soon as it happens. reporting live in san bruno kate thompson kron 4 news. >> today for the first time the people of the first responded to the san bruno fireball are speaking out about their experiences. christine conley was there and she joins us live with the latest. >> bill tell you it's just their job but when you hear their amazing stories you know the first responders are truly heroes. more than to enter people came your help in a fireball exploded in they've been here since thursday. a live look here you could see the work that's going on now. those are pg&e crews trying to restore power to people in the neighborhood. are going to pan over now show you what's going on as we speak we just noticed these people arrive at has not suits that are sifting through the rubble as the investigation continues. a lot of crews to load here we are now just beginning to hear some of the first responders stories. let's take a listen to what one of the police officers had to say. i was on call but off-duty at the time i looked out i saw the smoke, the flames and i kn
is okay. >> i can work, i can still alive, my daughter is still okay. >> in san bruno, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> these four people and arrested posing as victims and trying to receive aid. from left to right, ms. smith, lissette justin, and bennett, taylor, are guilty of submitting drivers supplications living in the burned out area. and with perjury, and submitting forged documentation to a government agency. moment at portola elementary in san bruno and it was evacuated. after the smell of natural gas from a parent reported. less than 1 mi. from the gas line explosion. after inspected, but nothing was found, perhaps carbon monoxide was built and anfrom the heating system that was first she turned on. >> the san mateo officials are concerned that the activity of around the air quality. and officials could keep the cash out of the air with spray. >> we did some digging, out pg&e is spinning your money. -spring our money, and in 2007, they needed $5 million for repairing a natural gas pipelines. within just miles of the san bruno explosion. three years later, it has not been done and and
live kron4 news of 11. >> big story tonight heat from wildfires. fire near board vega threaten burn about 90 a.. dahlin show is what happened. >> witnesses say the planes burned as high as 40 ft. 1 a bodega. the fire is no longer a threat. . we do not know how he's doing at this time. it started around 1230 this afternoon. pg&e workers believe it down power lines started the fire. when this set up a power line came down near highway 1. near bodega. birnbaum bart into trucks. >> there are my charts, one was for my grandson and was for my granddaughter. we were going to restore them. what was the 66 board with 86,000 mi.. >> one. the flames got pretty close to structures. epergnes close to 90 a.. it came 200 ft. from our shop. >> when third pick up to, i'm just what it did not burn dollars shot. >> fire danger is not over. you can see why, it is pretty windy and they said the next couple of days to hotter or herself bay area x reporting near the town a bodega on dahlin kron4 news. each >> highway 1 near is closed because of this fire. it is expected to remain closed until tomorrow mor
live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news @ 430. part big story at 4:30 p.m. the family weakened overnight by the sound of gunshots being fired into their home. when it was over six year-old girl was wounded. kron 4 went to the location of the shooting shows you what happened. >> take a look at the outside of this oakland house here and east 16th street in seminary will and riddled with bullet holes. a closer look at the inside shows exactly where the gun shot entered this back bedroom where 6 year-old leslie ramirez was sleeping right here with her mom and dad. a family member points to were one of the bullet struck her pillow just after 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning. karen said one bullet did had her little sister. >> shoes to dinner arm and in toward chest. >> i was talking to her and she seems to be ok. >> karen says she doesn't think the gunman were looking for sister instead she believes her brother richard who you see here was a target that was not the first time someone tried to hurt him. >> he has all these guys taking on him. >> reports with the shoot
live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m. new details now on the deadly san broadcast when explosion today the coroner's office confirmed the deaths of the three members of the bullet family who have been missing. a 17 year-old william as father gregory we seen this photograph along with gregory's mother who were identified through dna tests of remains found at the family home. this pushes the death toll from the explosion to seven. more crews will begin removing debris from inside the fire zone in san bruno the 37 homes destroyed beyond repair the clean up is now a major undertaking. christine conley shows us what's being done to prepare and how crews will keep the neighborhood safe while all the work is being done. >> pouring water on the homes in the fires on. they're getting ready for this heavy equipment to start digging through the debris and hauling it away. when that happens they want us which could be laced with toxic chemicals flying into the air. the water seems to be working so far by looking at this flag how wendy it is but you can see the dust. the health department say
>> this is kron 4 news at 5:30 >> our big story, and oil spill in petaluma. workers are cleaning this up, the final stages, 200-5 and a challenge from a bart. the resulting a tugboat. from a dutch barge. >> let me show you on google earth, this is the source location on hopper street, legal street in petaluma. a full shot, like philake hills streett check, 2-mile stretch of sheen with a high 101 crosses the river. and what we've been told to this point is that 80 percent has been soaked up. >> the fourth day and a row, at an east bay landfill is being searched for a man frederick sales has been missing since the body of his father cough ricardo sales was found more than a week ago, he was blunter death by efren valdemoro and we are going to-blundere bludgeoned, and efrn valdemoro was killed by the seat the last tuesday night with after a high-speed chase by the chp-- >> and christine? >> police say they've wrapped up the search for frederick sales with no clues. or any sign, yet. looking over here, they're looking at this huge landfill beyond these hills. through thousands of ton
on to www.kron4.com. no at 5:30 p.m. democratic candidate jerry brown responds to the controversy with his campaign sing tonight again that snow at 530. >> other carriers attacked and bitten by two dogs as he is making his deliveries in san jose this morning. as kron 4 reports the dog apparently broke through with cents to one after the mailman. >> and biocontrol says there is a least one previous complaints about the dogs living here at this home on camden avenue and shortly after 11:00 a.m. this next breed people in this german shepherd later seized by animal control attack and did better and letter carrier of san jose. >> we heard a lot of screaming and yelling and dog barking. we ran out front to see what happened the mailman had just delivered mail in is holding his arm and bleeding profusely. his clothes ripped any screaming to dog him and he was terrified the dog was get him again. >> and no control said it looks at the dogs are being kept in the backyard and they actually broke through that wooden fence there. they broke one of the wooden slats and got out in one after the carrier
says kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. the oil spill that left a 2 mi. long sheen on the petaluma river yesterday is still under investigation the state fish and game department looking to what are not the company was dismantling the old tugboat is at fault. they could face fines or even criminal charges. you know crews are still on the scene of this bill. marin kelly shows as what's being done to clean up a hundred of a balanced bill. >> crews are trying get as much oil off this old tugboat as they can. when i zoom in you can see this team that's coming up the steam cleaners freezing to loosen up try to boil for the body of the ship. they're using these hose to suck it up into a tanker truck that's right over here. it's basically a giant vacuum cleaner that holloway of the pollutants. the trend of the tug as clean as possible before gets lifted of the water tomorrow. right over here you can see a bone that's meant to keep the oil from getting into the rest of the river and its white things you see floating, where big squares of absorbent material which i assume then you could see some
tomorrow. reggie kron4 news. >>> kate thompson spoke with a family who helped to save one man but they were unable to help his girlfriend. >> i looked out down the side of my house and that is when i saw the big ball of flame. i called my wife and she said there was no phone service and i snatched my daughter and said we have to fun for our lives. that is when the poor kid walked up to us. he had severe burns to his body, the poor kid and he watched his girlfriend perish in front of him and it was the saddest thing for everybody. he was just asking for people to pray for him and he told us, my girlfriend, i watched her get burned up right in front of me and i couldn't help her, the poor kid was just in shock. >> joe ended up in the front yard and we couldn't call for help and we could tell he had third-degree burns and he was going to shock and we drove him to the hospital. i didn't think he had time to wait for emergency people to get there. he was dying. he kept going on how he saw his girlfriend die, she is dead i saw her burn and when i went back and took him to the hospital i saw a you
college and is in a hospital. critical condition. the fourth has yet to be identified. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage. you can also go to our website. www.kron.com whip special section for more information. still ahead, new video of the first seconds of the explosion. fed >> a look at our current conditions is a little cooler today with the weak storm passes us to the north. we will see some warming over the next couple of days, details coming up in just a few minutes. you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. ♪ have mild temperat
live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m. on h@zbqmo bjqléfç0m look from our roots camera, foggy, cool and foggy and c,d]%ñr louise is tracking at c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú i could. this fireball,, the noise of bid was deafening it was real loud. it sounded very much psychic the big bed jet airplane still running. huffs >> we have walking wounded going to our fire station, at this time we did not have any radios or communications. what we did was ask citizens to drive people with burns on their arms and face possible. and then we discovered there was no water in the hydrants we think the water main had been blown out by the blast. it is a sinking feeling to say the least you count on that order being there was rarely one of the hardest things and i've had to do this is like my family the neighbors to walk their dogs, and we see the day in day out. it is very hard to leave when i do go on to my family because i feel obligated i feel like part of me is being left behind. >> it was very emotional for firefighters
live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 the san bruno gasine explosion. it today governor arnold scored center is that the explosion site and right now was touring the damage. christine conley joins us live from the command post with the latest on the investigation. >> there is a flurry of activity going on now the governor speaking moments ago as you see here. a lot of the officers walking up the hill after listening to the governor speak. we just saw his limo it was in the press more neighborhood in just moved out to the neighborhood a few minutes ago. this is the governors for stop to this neighborhood since the blast occurred on thursday. but to listen to what he had to >> say> i think the important thing now is to investigate we have the investigators here to find out exactly what happened we know so far on hundred foot pipe blew up we don't know exactly why it if something was missing or was weak or something. i think that's why what we have to hold the area often secured so investigators can go through because some important
they vote on the proposed cuts that could be a reduction in weekend and late night bus service. kron 4 his the results from the meeting and why they continue to struggle with budget problems. kron 4's reggie has details. >> reporter: ac transit's board of director approved of cutting weekend and late service because of its budget deficit. clarence explains how the cuts will affect the public. >> cutting half of our weekend service, that's service on our [inaudible] lines, not on the main corridor and they opted to cut four of our six late night service, from midnight to 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: they have failed to reach an agreement in which the board of directors say could prevent more cuts. ann says they are hoping to reach an agreement soon. >> of course i am upset, i think that we need to get to the bargaining table, finish the contract, lock in the [inaudible] the union has offered. >> reporter: before the board reached a decision, riders sounded out about the service cuts. >> the survival of the economy depends on the transit system. >> reporter: they also decided to postpone its decis
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